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Scalar Laser


A Note to Practitioners and Seekers of Well-Being


The Sacred Scalar Laser is more advanced than any laser available today. It is a quantum healing laser like no other on the market. It is the perfect tool for individual users or seasoned practitioners alike who want to assist the largest range of conditions from addressing any soft or hard tissues situations in the body, to cleansing and detoxification, as well as subtle energetic healing...and so much more.

Shiva Rea


  • Provides Instant ATP (Cell Energy) to the Body


  • Pain Relief for the back, neck, shoulders, knees, legs, feet, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs, head, and hips


  • Stress Relief & Adrenal Decompression 


  • Skin & Facial Rejuvenation


  • Anti-Aging & Cellular Regeneration


  • Systems Balancing


  • Energywork & Chakra Healing


  • Cleansing & Detoxification


  • Acupuncture and Acupressure Therapy - allows for easy and quick treatment of all the minor and major acupuncture points 


  • Trigger Point & Myofascial Therapy


  • Cranial-Sacral Therapy


  • Cellular Healing on all Levels 


Globally renowned vinyasa yoga teacher and author of 

Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life

Watch Shiva Rea talk about her ScalarWave Laser

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