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Unwinding with 

Scalarwave Lasers

Cold Laser Therapy
Revolutionary Wellness Technology 

What is Cold Laser and Who uses it?

Cold Laser is the technology used in the Scalar Wave Laser and it’s completely revolutionizing the way we approach holistic health care, pain relief, rehabilitation, arthritis, and muscle relaxation. Cold Laser is at the leading-edge of complementary health care, sports, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, naturopathic,  veterinary and alternative medicine.

Who can purchase a Scalarwave Laser?

Great care and consideration was put into the Design, Operation and Use of the Scalar Wave Laser to make it available to any person.  The Scalar Wave Laser has Over-The-Counter FDA Clearance to address the following:

Pain relief




Relaxation of tissue

"Paul and Lillie are natural healers. That's a beautiful and rare thing to find. They have a true calling, which is to heal mankind. I got one of their very first lasers about ten years ago. At that time, I had several health issues, including vocal cord problems. If it hadn't been for my laser, there were many times when I wouldn't have been able to perform. I also had knee replacement surgery, and the laser helped immensely with swelling, pain, and cartilage re-growth. My doctor was very impressed with how quickly I healed. I was on the operating table one week, and the very next week I was traveling to Africa to do a show."
- Chaka Khan, legendary Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and activist

""I sustained a ‘complex medial meniscus tear.’ That's when I got to try out the laser. Within a few weeks, there was a significant change, simply from using the "Unwind"protocol. Now I have no pain at all and was able to avoid surgery."

- Shiva Rea

"My mother-in-law has a frozen shoulder as well as major arthritis. She has not really been able to use her arm. After her first session she felt pain-free and was actually able to use her arm to help pull herself out of bed the next morning.
- George C.

"I was in an automobile accident a few months ago and was prescribed medication for the inflammation and pain by a doctor. The medication gave me very bad side effects and was not effective. A friend loaned me her scaler wave laser for 2 days, and I had such wonderful relief that I had to order my own. I have used it every day since I received it, I and truly love my laser!" 
- Victoria M.

"When I first experienced Scalar Wave energy, I was so impressed with how I felt … it just worked. Then, when I found an actual handheld laser that I could use directly on my personal physical challenges, I was THRILLED. The payoff was when my chiropractor actually used this particular laser on me, I experienced IMMEDIATE results and just had to have my own.

- Jennifer McLean, Internationally acclaimed author, healer, and creator of The Body Dialog system of healing, Jennifer is the founder of the international online teleseminar series “Healing With the Masters.”

"A woman came to see me with severe pain and physical limitation. She is on disability from a career in journalism because she has been unable to write, use the computer, or travel for several years. After a one-hour session, she was able to move her frozen shoulder for the first time in years. Her pain has improved from 8 out of 10 to a 2. She has not used any pain medication since, and is now full of life after two weeks." 
- Valentina K.

"The very first day I received my laser, I happened to be visiting with a friend who had broken his arm and sprained his wrist. He had his arm suspended and had been taking medications for pain for over a month. He still had inflammation and the healing process was very slow. I tried the laser on his arm, and within about eight minutes he felt such relief from the pain that he didn’t need to take his medications for a few days. He now keeps begging me to use the laser for all sorts of problems." 
- Meredith R.

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