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Unwinding with 

Scalarwave Lasers

Aloha ...

Take a deep breath in ... and rest here ... 

... in the space between the breath ... You have arrived ...

Welcome to the Stillpoint


Q: What is Stillpoint?


A: Stillpoint is the subtle yogic state often referred to as the space between the breath that yogis and mystics rest and abide in.


To drop In... take a breath in ... and at the top of the breath...stop... hold for a moment... it feels like holding the breath...though allow the breath to keep going as it does when you rest... and you stay here... in the subtle space between the breath...

Welcome. Thank you for being here! We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and discover the amazing benefits of Stillpoint and the Scalarwave Family of Products that can profoundly assist your experience of health and wellness and also your experience of living at this auspicious moment on our planet - at the dawning of a new season.
We look forward to sharing with you the events, tools, and refreshing new perception that can help you to deeply unwind ... to relax into your natural essence state of well-being and joy.
-Paul & Lillie Weisbart
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